Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly channeling ‘Pam & Tommy’ top the list of celebrity Halloween costumes | CNN


Some throwbacks to notable ’90s-era celebrities were standouts as the stars stepped out this weekend in costume for their Halloween festivities.

One couple acknowledged a pair that came before them, when Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly channeled Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, respectively, at the Casamigos Halloween Party Returns in Beverly Hills, California on Friday night. Anderson and Lee gained newfound media attention this year due to the Hulu limited series “Pam & Tommy.”

Josh Duhamel and his wife Audra Mari, meanwhile, appeared to arrive as J. Howard Marshall and Anna Nicole Smith, with Duhamel pulling out all the stops in old age makeup and a walker.

Other celebrities who got double takes at Casamigos included Tyga, who donned a very real-looking prosthetic “E.T.” head and Paris Hilton as Sailor Moon, with the latter also showcasing her look on Instagram.

Tyga as E.T. at the Casamigos Halloween Party Returns in Beverly Hills, California on Friday.

On the same night elsewhere in the Los Angeles area, Halloween queen Vanessa Hudgens brought Natalie Portman’s “Black Swan” character to life in a regal and gothic look with black feathers galore.

Vanessa Hudgens as Black Swan at the Thriller Night Halloween Party, hosted by Prince Michael Jackson, at the Jackson Family Home in Encino, California on Friday.

On Instagram, the star to transform the most fully this year was arguably Lizzo, who shared a gallery of photos of her Marge Simpson getup, complete with head-to-toe yellow skin and, of course, a towering blue wig.

Jessica Alba posed with her daughter as the eerie standing-in-a-hotel-hallway twin girls from “The Shining,” and Jennifer Garner got in on the current Halloween Spirit costume bag meme with one featuring her as a “late for the bus mom.”

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