Kevin Spacey will testify in sex misconduct trial case against him | CNN


Actor Kevin Spacey will testify in the sexual misconduct trial against him, his attorney said in court Monday.

Lawyer Chase Scolnick made the statement outside the presence of the jury, which was not yet seated.

It is not clear when exactly Spacey will take the stand.

Earlier Monday, attorneys for actor Anthony Rapp finished presenting their case against Spacey.

Rapp, best known for his role in “Star Trek: Discovery,” claims that in 1986, Spacey, then 26, invited Rapp, then 14, to his Manhattan home where he picked Rapp up, laid him down on his bed, grabbed his buttocks and pressed his groin into Rapp’s body without his consent. He is suing Spacey for assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Spacey’s attorneys have attempted to poke holes in Rapp’s claims by pointing to discrepancies, including dates Rapp alleged to have run into Spacey at industry events.

Before ending his time on the stand, Rapp’s attorney Peter Saghir asked the actor if he had been lying about his allegations against Spacey.

“I have not. It was something that happened to me that was not okay,” Rapp replied on the stand last week.

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