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Aadhaar Update: How Many Times Can You Update Aadhaar Details? See What UIDAI Says


Aadhaar Card Update: As we go through changes in our lives, like moving homes or tweaking the spellings of our names, we need to make everything recorded on paper, even on our ID cards. One such important ID card is the Aadhaar card, issued by the  Unique Identification Authority of India or  UIDAI. The 12 digit number has become an essential part of identity for every Indian and getting all the details right on the Aadhaar is significant. The UIDAI gives you a limited number of chances whereby you can change your name, address and date of birth among other information.

How Many Times Can I Change My Name on Aadhaar Card?

As per UIDAI guidelines, you can change your name on your Aadhaar only twice. The UIDAI had notified this in an office memorandum.

How Many Times Can I Change My Date of Birth on Aadhaar?

Date of birth is something that rarely requires a change. You cannot change your date of birth like you can tweak your name. The situation to change the date of birth on Aadhaar can only arise if there has been a mistake during the data entry on your Aadhaar card while you were being registered. Therefore, the maximum time you can update your date of birth on Aadhaar card is just one.

In this regard you should also note that the change of date of birth is allowed within a range of plus minus three years of the date of birth registered during Aadhaar enrollment. You must also submit a primary document of your date of birth. “If the resident provides documentary evidence of Date of Birth, then the Date of Birth is considered as “Verified”. When resident declares the DoB without any documentary evidence, then date of birth is considered as “Declared”, says the Aadhaar website. Those who already have been verified, will not be allowed to change their date of birth on Aadhaar.

How Many Times Can I Change Address and Gender on Aadhaar?

Address and gender can also be changed only once as per the UIDAI guidelines.

What Documents Would I Require?

If you want to change your name, proof of identity (POI) documents like Voter ID card, passport, driving licence etc. will do the job. If you want to change address, proof of address documents (POA) documents such as bank statement or passbook, Ration Card, Water bill will be required. However, no document will required in case of gender change. To change your date of birth, you can submit your birth certificate, passport, PAN card marksheet of a university, etc to the authtorities.

To update your Aadhaar Card details online, you first need to have your phone number linked to access the website. If the phone number is linked, you  can visit the portal https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/ssup/ to start the process. “The Self-Service online mode offers address update to the residents where the resident can directly place the update request on the portal,” says the UIDAI website.

Once this is done, you must select the ‘Update Demographics Data’ option and from there, select the relevant options on the next page. In this step, you can choose the detail you wants to change in the Aadhaar card. Once this is done, click on the ‘Proceed’ option. On this page, the relevant changes need to be made. You can change name, email address, address gender and others during this process. After the relevant details are filled in, click on the ‘proceed’ option. On the next page, you need to upload a soft copy of a  supported Proof of Address (POA) document to proceed further. Click on the submit option after this, following which the changes will be made in some time.

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